Monday, February 23, 2009

Holy Supermodel and the craziest man in Delco

Leah says: As the holy supermodel, I will attest to the fact that only in Delco can you go to mass with your grandmom, have a lovely brunch with your girlfriends, and end up at a bar at 4pm with a crazy man who not only gives you the finger in a photo but adamantly insists that we all must "not dis-spect wawa", claim that he sees your friend at Duffer's (ew) "all the time" even though she hasn't been there in 7 years, and make crazy faces to the point that someone needs to ask him if he is going to be okay. Not to mention the fact that his shirt has fruit punch stains all over it, but it's okay, no-one even notices, because that is just delco.


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  2. Crazy guy also in the same rant said " F- wawa they just came all over me"... that bright pink stain was all wawa ! I gotta give wawa some props for hitting their mark because he was swaying like a trash bag caught in a subway grate!!! Another testimonial as to what an a** backward place we reside.... while making sure he did not fall down in the street, his friends walk out, motion for him to follow then give me the stink eye!!!!!

  3. AAhhhh.. that guy !!! see the people that talk to you when you smoke ??