Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spoiled brats

I'm jealous

Delco twin home requirements

-Numerous animal statues (two of which were lions on either side of the front steps)
-Columns on the front steps (couldn't get a pic of the front of the house, the neighbors were getting suspicious)
-Do it yourself "fancy" shrubbery
-Plastic swing
P.S. The owners of this home drive a Mercedes

DELCO man driving Cadillac chilling his white zinfandel while DRIVING.

Get your Easter on

Monday, March 16, 2009

Delco is diverse

This poor pterodactyl looking thing walked right up to us and said "my mom thinks I'm ugly" right after a man in a camouflaged sweater showed us his tattoo of a star around his nipple but wouldn't let us photograph it and right before the frat men carried each other out and a grown woman wearing princess shoes invited us to her house to smoke pot.

Hot Rod

Ridin' dirty since 1984

Wait until you see this joint at Christmas, only in Delco can you see ginormous houses decked out like they're in South Philly.


My phone sucks so you can't see it clearly but it says "safe and convenient ATM". Something about the fact that you have to advertise for safety makes me feel exactly the opposite of safe.

My parent's house

yes, that is a remote control wearing a condom